Space At-A-Glance

The Space-At-A-Glance chart is an internal resource for members of the college community planning any large scale events (lectures, screenings, panels, receptions, etc.). The following chart will help you determine which space is the most appropriate for your needs with details regarding ocucpancy, set up options, and technology. The complete PDF can be found here.

In order to schedule these spaces reservations must be requested with either the Events Office or Kyle Brock - depending on the room.

Space At-A-Glance

1: MARRS (MassArt Reservation Request System) is the online platform for which departments can browse for available space, submit and monitor reservation requests, and keep a history of past reservations. Visit:

2: Capacities are subject to room setup/configuration.

3: Exhibit/Installation spaces are areas where work can be set up while often allowing other events to take place around it.

4: The current technician rate for internal groups is $25 an hour with a four hour minimum.

The following are general Audio/Visual policies regarding the use of Tower Auditorium and DMC Lecture Hall:

  • Audio/Visual Technician RequirementAudio/Visual Technicians are required for any use of Tower Auditorium.
  • Audio/Visual Technicians are required for the use of the DMC Lecture Hall, with the exceptionof regular, weekly scheduled academic classes occurring between 8:30am and 6:30pm.
  • Instructors of courses not requiring a technician will be provided with operational instruction prior to the start of each semester

Audio/Visual Technician Payment

  • Payment of Audio/Visual Technicians for regular, weekly scheduled academic classesoccurring between 8:30am and 6:30pm will be provided by the college.
  • Payment of Audio/Visual Technicians for college events and academic events and classes notoccurring during a regular, weekly scheduled class time are the responsibility of the academicor administrative department.