Administration and Finance

Kurt Steinberg, Vice President for Finance and Chief Operating Officer, oversees the Division of Administration and Finance. The division includes Administrative Services, the Business Office, Civil Rights Compliance and Diversity, Facilities, Human Resources, Public Art, Student Financial Assistance, and Technology.

Kurt Steinberg
Executive Vice President

Lydia Devlin
Assistant to the Executive Vice President


A&F Departments

Administrative Services: x7960
Jim McDaid, Director

Business Office: x7900
Don Arpino, Assistant Vice President

Civil Rights Compliance and Diversity: x7060
Mercedes Sherrod-Evans, Director

Facilities: 7950
Howie LaRosee, Director

Human Resources: x7920
Elaine O'Sullivan, Director

Student Financial Assistance: x7849
Aurelio Ramirez, Director

Technology: x7888
Eric Bird, Chief Information Officer