Campus Planning and Construction

Established in 1873, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) was and remains the only freestanding public college of art and design in the United States.  Originally located at the corner of Brookline and Longwood Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts, the College moved to its current location, the former site of the Boston Normal  and Latin School, in 1983.   The new site had already undergone several transformations as part of Boston State College, including the addition of a new gymnasium and two high rise buildings, the Kennedy Building, originally constructed as a laboratory and science building, and the Tower Building, containing administrative offices, library stacks, an auditorium and a cafeteria.  As MassArt began to occupy the buildings it made several more transformation including the addition of a glass hotshopan iron foundry, ceramics kilns, film studios and screening rooms, a printmaking center, a fabric, papermaking and loom center, a multimedia center, and other specialized instruction spaces.  The College also transformed spaces originally designed for other purposes into galleries, classrooms, studios, faculty offices and academic support spaces.  

In 2008 the College completed a master plan with the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) and since then has nearly completed nearly all of a series of new capital projects anticipated by that plan. These include the renovation of the Kennedy Campus Center with a renovated Bookstore, Dining Hall and Student Development Center and Photography Department, a relocated Office of Public Safety a new 500 bed Residence Hall Tower and a new Design and Media Center currently under construction.

For more information on Campus Planning and Construction at MassArt contact Kurt Steinberg, Executive Vice President at (617) 879-7269.