The MassArt campus consists of 8 buildings with over 850,000 square feet. The Facilities Department is responsible for providing the daily operational support needed to provide a safe, clean, suitable working and learning environment.

The Facilities Department's primary mission is to keep the buildings and all ancillary systems and components safe and functional. Our secondary goal is to upgrade the facilities to meet changing academic needs.

The Facilities Office is located in Tower 401. This is where all facilities calls are received and directed to the appropriate personnel. All foremen and tradesmen carry radios so they can be reached quickly, especially in emergencies. Service Request forms are now filled out online using the SchoolDude system. Please contact the Facilities Department to receive your username and password. Due to security reasons, Key Request forms must be submitted to the Facilities Office with an authorized signature. These forms can be picked up in the Facilities Office or emailed to you.

Executive Director of Facilities and Planning (617 879 7938)
Howie LaRosee supervises the Facilities Department and maintains the EMS system. He works closely with the college's House Doctors on all Renewal Projects. He also supervises 6 utility plant operators and 5 steam firemen. Their area of responsibility is the maintenance and upkeep of the heating and air-condition systems as well as the general repair of all college property. 

Assistant Director of Sustainability/Environmental Health & Safety (617 879 7939)
Jamieson Wicks is responsible for ensuring that all environmental and occupational health laws that apply to the college are properly followed (i.e. hazardous waste disposal, "Right-To-Know", etc.) The Safety Office is located in Tower 536. This office provides safety training, respirator fit-testing, air quality investigations, ergonomics assessments, and is available for safety advice whenever needed. The recycling program, sustainability efforts, and elevator maintenance and repairs  are also managed by this office.

Assistant Director of Facilities (617 879 7955)
Francine Femino is responsible for the college's custodial, maintenance and groundskeeping functions, comprised of a staff of 29 maintainers. The maintenance staff is responsible for everything from moving furniture and setting up rooms to shoveling snow and general housekeeping. Each building has a foreman to address problems that arise in their assigned building.

Administrative Assistant  (617 879 7950)
Katie Liguori supervises trades personnel and all outside contractors. The trades department consists of 2 painters, 2 carpenters, 4 electricians, and 1 locksmith. She is responsible for successful completion of summer renewal projects and managing the online SchoolDude program.

Facilities Assistance Helpline (617 879 7777)
Can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Any facilities related emergencies that arise before or after hours of operation should be directed to Public Safety, 617 879 7810. The Helpline should be used in emergencies only.

Service Requests
This is the vehicle used by community members to obtain the services of the Facilities Department. We use these requests to track projects and apply for BHE funding. Service requests are prioritized individually by safety factor, equipment need, academic need and departmental need. Work requests are used to maintain and repair the facility or to obtain the services of the Facilities Department for work other than renewal work. This is done through the online SchoolDude program.

Renewal Projects
These projects are mainly focused on changing or upgrading the facility to accommodate academic programs or needs. These projects are usually done during the summer to lessen disruption to classes. Some renewal projects are not academic based but serve to enhance the facility for the entire college community.