Employment at the college

Benefited faculty and staff positions
If you are looking for a benefited faculty or staff position at MassArt, you must apply online at http://careers.massart.edu

Due to the high volume of applicants, the human resources office is not able to accept hard copies of materials. Please do not mail materials to human resources. Applicants will not be considered unless they have completed an online application and uploaded the required materials.

Visiting lecturers within the day school

Massachusetts College of Art and Design seeks adjunct faculty/visiting lecturers to teach one or two courses per semester during academic year 2013-2014.  Specific course content is generally open to discussion.
Minimum required qualifications would be a masters degree in the following studio departments:
     Animation, Flip Johnson, Department Chair
     Architectural Design, Paul Hajian, Department Chair
     Art Education, Lois Hetland, Department Chairs
     Fashion Design, Sondra Grace, Department Chair
     Film/Video, Ericka Beckman, Department Chair
     Fine Arts 2D, Fred Liang, Department Chair
     Fine Arts 3D, Chuck Stigliano, Department Chair
     Graphic Design, Gunta Kaza, Department Chair
     Illustration, Linda Bourke, Department Chair
     Industrial Design, Judith Anderson, Department Chair
     Photography, Matthew Connors, Department Chair
     Studio for Interrelated Media, Nita Sturiale, Department Chair
     Studio Foundation, Nancy Aleo, Department Chair
Minimum required qualifications in the following departments would be a doctoral candidate in the required concentration:
History of Art, David Nolta, Department Chair
     Liberal Arts, Robert Gerst, Department Chair - Please submit your applications online at http://careers.massart.edu
Beginning salary range is $3,500 - $4,466.  At the beginning of the third consecutive semester salary to $4,587 - $6,116 .
Send resumes and letters of interest to:
     Specify Department Chair (identify from those listed above)
     Massachusetts College of Art and Design
     621 Huntington Avenue
     Boston, MA 02115
Adjunct faculty/Visiting Artist positions will be funded using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Members of underrepresented groups and those committed to working in a diverse cultural environment are encouraged to apply.  


Visiting lecturers within Professional and Continuing Education
If you are interested in teaching a course within Professional and Continuing Education, please visit the PCE webpage 


Massachusetts College of Art and Design is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Members of underrepresented groups, and those committed to working in a diverse cultural environment are encouraged to apply.