Additional Information

In some cases, MassArt's Office of Student Financial Assistance requires further information after the FAFSA has been filed. Students should respond to requests for additional information in a timely manner; the Office of Student Financial Assistance cannot continue with the financial aid process until the additional information is received.

Examples of information that may be requested are copies of Federal Tax Return Transcripts, W-2's, copy of birth certificate, or proof of Selective Service registration.

Some FAFSAs are randomly selected for a review process called verification. If a student's FAFSA has been selected for verification, the Office of Student Financial Assistance will send a notice and the student will need to provide the following:

  • A completed and signed Verification worksheet
  • 2015 tax information for the student and their spouse or parents (if a Dependent student). Please note that we cannot accept copies of actual tax returns. Tax information can be supplied in one of two ways:
    • The IRS data retrieval tool on the FAFSA. This option is available by making a correction to the FAFSA and then navigating to the Financial Information tab. Select "Already Completed" as the tax filing status and click "Link to the IRS." After the data transfer is complete, make sure to submit the FAFSA correction.
    • Federal tax return transcripts. These are not the tax returns themselves. They are documents which can be obtained at by selecting "Get Transcript of Your Tax Records."

The two options above should be available roughly 3 weeks after a tax return has been filed. Both options require you to enter personal information to access your tax data, so please make sure to enter your address exactly as it appears on your tax return. Otherwise, the options above will not work and you may need to contact the IRS.

If you have any questions about the verification process, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 617-879-7849.