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In October 2014, then-Acting President Kurt Steinberg charged the MassArt web team, made up of staff within the Marketing and Communications and Technology departments, to improve the visual appeal and capabilities of the website to effectively meet the College’s goals.

Project Goals

  • Create a design focused on the user experience of the primary audience: prospective students
  • Reflect the dynamism and vitality of the MassArt community
  • Simplify navigation by catering to audience type
  • Enable easy editorial workflow for posting updates and multimedia
  • Incorporate social media strategy and event management

Web Project Leadership

Kurt Steinberg, Executive Sponsor

Web Team Members

Ellen Carr, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
Patrick O'Connor, Chief Information Officer/ Assistant Vice President, Technology
Susie Stockwell, Director of Communications
Julie Barrett, Director of Project Management / Technology
Nicky Enriquez, Web & Digital Media Producer

Process to Date

Phase One

In March 2015, MassArt engaged Tellart as project consultant to conduct research and analysis of the College’s web properties. The research phase was intended to provide a structured, formalized, objective process to gather input from stakeholders, assess the existing websites’ usability, features, functionality, and effectiveness, and provide the College with a clear articulation of emerging and future technology trends, and website development best practices and standards.

An important component of the Tellart engagement was the input and feedback they sought from throughout the MassArt community, via individual and group interviews with stakeholders, the campus-wide online website survey, and direct feedback from two on-campus presentations in May 2015.

Tellart’s work resulted in a comprehensive analysis of the research and an articulation of what would be required to deliver a more effective, compelling and usable MassArt website.

Phase Two

With the findings provided by Tellart, the web team then developed an RFP to go out to market and request proposals from design and development firms. The RFP was published in June, and resulted in 22 firms submitting proposals to redesign the MassArt site. The web team narrowed the 22 submissions down to six finalist firms. Those six firms were invited to campus in early August to make a presentation of their capabilities, both aesthetic and technical, and their proposed approach to the project. Through this process, iFactory was selected and brought on board in late October to kick off this phase of the project.

Launch Date

The website redesign launch is set for January 2017. While the initial launch was planned for July 2016, we have decided to wait some additional time to curate content, design unique pages, and safeguard development.

Next Steps

All members of the MassArt community will be invited and encouraged to engage with the project as it progresses, through attendance at the Open House scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 2016. 


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Leave feedback about the website redesign at any time: Website Feedback Form

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