Assessment and Care Team (ACT)

Assessment and Care Team (ACT)

The Assessment and Care Team (ACT) is committed to providing a systematic and visible process to assist MassArt in the rapid and accurate identification of students-at-risk. Students-at-risk are defined as those whose actions could potentially pose a threat to personal health and safety, or to the safety of the larger campus community, and students who are struggling academically or socially. The ACT team is dedicated to working with students, faculty and staff to identify students who are at-risk in order to connect them with services and resources to aid in their success. Comprised of key representatives from student development, counseling and wellness, academic affairs, and public safety, this interdisciplinary group is committed to increased sharing and synthesis of information across disciplines in order to identify potentially dangerous or at-risk students and to develop a coordinated planned response for intervention. The goals of the ACT are as follows:

  • Develop protocols for reporting and sharing information regarding problematic or concerning student behavior in academic and non-academic settings

  • Develop a coordinated plan of action to proactively assist the individual and to protect campus safety

  • Increase identification of students whose behaviors are disruptive and/or threatening through consultation with faculty and staff

  • Connect students to academic and campus resources for success

ACT meets at least bi-weekly to discuss situations brought to its attention by any member of the campus community seeking guidance on disruptive and or problematic behaviors that might lead to aggression or self-harm. Depending on the nature of the incident(s), the team calls upon other members of the college and community as needed.

ACT Members: Jamie Glanton Costello, Student Development, Chair; Liz Smith Freedman, Academic Resource Center, Co-Chair; Andrew Dore, Residence Life; Amber Tourlentes, Studio Foundation Faculty; Danielle Licitra, Housing and Residence Life; David McDade, Public Safety; Jessica Petriello, Academic Resource Center; Betsy Smith, Counseling and Wellness and Ruby Stardrum, Counseling and Wellness.

If you are concerned about a student, please submit a report here.

ACT Crisis Resource Guide

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