General Internship Guidelines

  • Internship responsibilities must be pre-professional and art/design related.
  • Students may complete an internship for credit starting the summer after their sophomore year through the fall of their senior year.
  • Internships must be on-site at the company address. "Work at home" internships are not accepted.
  • Internship employers must have an established track record and been in business a minimum of two years.
  • The company is responsible for providing equipment, software, and work space required to fulfill internship duties.
  • Internships must be focused on training and should not be used in place of paid employees.
  • We play no role in screening or selecting students for the internships. Your company will have the discretion and responsibility to select an intern.
  • All internship employers are advised to abide by the US Department of Labor's criteria for unpaid internships under The Fair Labor Standards.