Looking For a Job Out of State


Art schools around the USA who are members of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) may allow you to access their career services office and job listings. In exchange, we will allow one of their students or graduates to use our Office of Career Services. This arrangement is referred to as reciprocity. You must be a matriculated MassArt student or alumni to request reciprocity.

To apply for reciprocity, please send the following information to careerdevelopment@massart.edu:

Your full name
Phone number
Degree you are working towards
Graduation date
Selected AICAD school, found at this website: AICAD

At this time AICAD schools in New York City are not accepting reciprocity requests. 

We will send an email requesting reciprocity for you to the college you have selected. You will receive a copy of the email as well. We will notify you if the request is denied. This may occur if the career services office at the college you have chosen has been overwhelmed with requests for reciprocity.

Please do not select multiple institutions.  If accepted, you will receive a copy of the letters as well. Reciprocity is generally valid for 3 months to a year, depending on the institution. Please present your copy of the letter from Maryellen as identification when you visit the offices in person.