Internship Supervisor Credentials


The primary purpose of an internship is to provide student intern training and experience in a professional environment. Internships for credit count as a class and are an extension of the academic experience. To qualify as an internship, the student must be supervised by a person with the industry experience, education, and credentials to provide qualified training to the intern. This includes:

  • Being a practicing professional in the same field as the internship. E.G. A graphic designer would supervise a graphic design internship.
  • Have demonstrated background in professional and educational experience.
  • Familiar with industry standards and able to provide instruction and training that is transferrable beyond the internship organization.
  • Be a potential industry reference and the start of a business network for the intern.
  • Be employed by the internship organization.
  • The internship supervisor and intern must work in the same location. Remote supervision will not be approved.
  • Family members related to the intern are not eligible to act as company internship supervisors.
  • Internship Supervisor's cannot also act as the student's Faculty Internship Advisor.