College and Visiting Events


The Office of College and Visiting Events is responsible for the scheduling and logistical organization of on-campus events for both the College and the Community at large.  It works to establish fees, evaluate space needs, reserve facilities and coordinate logistics for event stakeholders, while ensuring event compliance with college policies and guidelines.  In addition, the Office has direct responsibility for the production of the College's Commencement exercises.

The Office of College and Visiting Events strives to ensure that all events occurring on campus speak to the educational mission and vision of the College.  We support programming which appeals to its Student Body as well as its Academic and Administrative components, and work to establish and maintain event policies that foster an environment of transparency and inclusivity within our campus Community.

Moreover, the Office of College and Visiting Events seeks to educate its constituents in their own event planning and production, serving students' academic, personal and social needs while promoting an environment that is both supportive and informative.

Claudia LeClair, Director of College and Visiting Events


Guillermo Carreon, Coordinator of College and Visiting Events