The Counseling & Wellness Center

The Counseling and Wellness Center offers counseling and wellness programs throughout the academic year. Counseling is free short-term psychotherapy, evaluations, referrals, and other resources for students.  In most cases, students can be seen within a week and, in an emergency, a student can be seen immediately. To make an appointment, call, email or stop by to schedule the appointment in person.

Wellness programs are held throughout the year to help students maintain healthy lives and build on their strengths. Stress reduction groups, yoga, and meditation sittings are offered during the school year. Smoking cessation, alcohol and drug education and health screenings are other programs that are offered throughout the year.

All immunization records for incoming students must be sent to the Counseling and Wellness Center. Please direct any questions related to this to or call 617-879-7760.

Contact Us

Counseling and Wellness Center
621 Huntington Avenue, Kennedy Building 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02115
t: (617) 879-7760 | f: (617) 879-7769

If you are having thoughts of suicide, impulses to hurt yourself or someone else or if you have just been a victim of violence or a sexual assault, contact the Counseling and Wellness Center immediately.

  • During office hours, contact our office at (617) 879-7760.
  • After office hours, contact MassArt Public Safety at (617) 879-7800.

For more information:

Student Resources

Other Resources:

Emergency Drop-in

We also keep open a daily emergency drop-in time (3:00 pm Monday - Friday) for any crisis or urgent situation that a student may have that would benefit from immediate attention from a counselor. This can be scheduled by calling or coming in to the Counseling Services office during the day or a student may show up at 3:00 and meet directly with a counselor.

Sexual Assault Information

If you or a friend has been sexually assaulted, it is important that you receive medical and psychological care as soon as possible.

  • Contact Public Safety at (617) 879-7800 for assistance to be transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Emergency Services.
  • Contact Health and Counseling Services at (617) 879-7760 for additional support, guidance, and resources.

What if it's not an emergency but I'm really upset?

At times of distress that does not reach the level of a crisis or emergency, there are several things you can do to help you cope with and reduce your distress. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Practice breathing exercises for relaxation.
  • Write in a journal.
  • Talk to a friend, family member, or MassArt faculty or staff.
  • Take a walk.
  • Practice relaxation techniques.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Engage your creative energy (draw, build, or paint).
  • Watch a movie or distract yourself with a relaxing game.
  • Daydream about a favorite activity.
  • Recall a pleasant memory, focusing on the images, sounds, and sensations that are associated with the memory.