Confidentiality and Informed Consent

Medical records and any documentation related to contact with MassArt Counseling and Wellness is confidential and accessible only to Counseling staff and trainees. Any information regarding contact with Counseling will be disclosed with your written consent. These records are property of Counseling and Wellness and are held for seven years from date of last contact with you as per Massachusetts State law.

The only time in which confidentiality will not be maintained is if the Director of Counseling and Wellness believes the student presents a danger to themselves or to others. It is the ethical responsibility of the therapist to report this concern to appropriate professionals.

In the absence of a safety concern, no communication will be released to anyone including verification of attendance (college officials, faculty, family members or friends of the student). Certain limited, pertinent information may be given to those with a verified, legitimate interest, provided a release of information has been signed by the student.

The interest of the individual student is of paramount importance and normally this is best served by the thorough and consistent protection of confidence and privacy.  Student employees (e.g. work-study) do not have access to any student records, nor do they make appointments.

When any outside source (e.g. graduate schools, prospective employers, faculty members, family, a member of the legal system) requests information about a student- even when accompanied by a formal, signed release from the student- these requests will not be honored unless the following conditions are met:

A direct contact is made with the student and an understanding is reached regarding the exact nature of the information released. On those exceptionally rare occasions when contact is impossible, information may be given only if it is obviously in the student's best interest to do so.

Those requesting information must make specific what information is requested and for what purpose the information is being requested.

Your well-being is of great importance to the Counseling and Wellness staff and is best served by thorough and consistent protection of your confidentiality and privacy.