Guide for Parents

Welcome parents! This section will provide information and resources for parents, friends, and family of MassArt students to increase their understanding of common psychological issues that may be experienced by you and your daughter/son.

MassArt Counseling focuses on assisting students with the typical developmental problems of undergraduate and graduate students that respond to short-term counseling. If a student requires long term care or has a chronic mental health condition, then Counseling Services will help the student find suitable care in the off-campus professional community.

Individual Counseling

MassArt provides short-term individual counseling for matriculating MassArt students. If your student comes for counseling, they will be assessed in the first meeting, and a treatment plan with goals will be discussed with him or her. This plan may include individual counseling at MassArt. For some students, long-term therapy may be recommended. For these students, we offer referral services to psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists in the Boston area.

Consultation to Families

Counseling Services provides consultation to families who have questions or concerns about a student. We will provide as much assistance as possible. Due to confidentiality laws, however, we may not be able to provide information about your student if she or he is utilizing our services. Please call the Director of Counseling, Dr. Betsy Smith, Psy.D., at (617) 879-7761 if you would like a consultation about your student.

Helping Your Daughter/Son
The First Year: Students and Families in Transition