Fenway Card

The Fenway Card is the official identification card of MassArt. It is required for identification and access to essential campus services. It also offers a convenient prepaid account - Fenway Cash - for making cashless purchases on and around campus.

Fenway Cash is money that may be placed on the Fenway Card and used at many locations on the Colleges of the Fenway campuses, as well as many outside vendors. Each time a student makes a purchase, money is deducted from the prepaid balance. View a complete list of locations accepting Fenway Cash.

  • Meal plan. All MassArt residential students are required to participate in a meal plan. This meal plan is accessed with your Fenway Card but is a separate account that can be used only at the following locations: Massachusetts College of Art and Design Dining Commons in the Kennedy building, MassArt Tower Cafe, Wentworth Beatty Cafe, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Crossroads Cafe, Wentworth Leopard's Den, and the COF-C Store.
  • Library. Access your privileges at the Morton R. Godine library or any one of the COF libraries.
  • Door access. Use your card to access administrative buildings and to enter the Artists' Residence and Smith Hall, if you are a resident of the building.
  • College of the Fenway (COF) events. You will need your Fenway Card to gain access to COF events.
  • Fenway Cash. A safe and convenient way to make cashless purchases at on-campus locations such as the bookstore, the convenience store, and at all COF eateries. Plus, Fenway Cash is welcomed at popular local restaurants and service providers in the Fenway neighborhood including many locations at the other five COF colleges. Fenway Cash is also accepted at snack and soda vending machines around the MassArt campus, including Kennedy's Dining Commons and Tower building locations (on the first, second, sixth and eighth floors, and Public Safety). Note: laundry machines do not accept Fenway Cash at this time.

Reporting loss or theft of Fenway Card

  1. Disable access to buildings. You must immediately report your lost card to the MassArt Department of Public Safety at (617) 879-7810. This prevents unknown persons from accessing MassArt residence halls and from attempting to enter MassArt buildings.
  2. Deactivate your meal plan. Contact the Chartwell's shift supervisor at the MassArt Dining Commons, (617) 879-7964, or go to the supervisor’s office in the Dining Commons. This prevents unknown persons from utilizing your board plan dollars.
  3. Deactivate your Fenway Cash account. Contact the Fenway Card Service Center at (877)263-8340. This prevents unknown persons from utilizing your Fenway Cash account.

Fenway Card issuing office information
The Fenway Card for MassArt students is issued by the Department of Public Safety. For more information, call (617) 879-7810 or go to the Public Safety desk in East. If your card is lost or damaged, there will be a $10.00 replacement fee for a new card.


  • Fenway Cash: call (877) 263-8340
  • Meal plans: call Chartwell's at (617) 879-7964
  • Card replacement: call Public Safety at (617) 879-7810