International Education Center

MassArt's International Education Center supports students choosing to add a global dimension to their education, including study abroad programs, travel courses, and interaction with a diverse international student community.

MassArt Travel Courses
The International Education Center manages the college's faculty-led Travel Courses, which are offered each spring and fall, and are open to students from all majors and  levels. Recent courses have traveled to Egypt, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Turkey, Mexico, France, Belgium, and Guatemala.

Visit for information on upcoming courses!

Semester Study Abroad
Enhance your artistic perspective through a MassArt International Exchange, AICAD Mobility, or Study Abroad Program. Qualified undergraduate students may participate in an exchange, mobility, or study abroad program during one semester of their junior year and must meet with Amy Holland ( in the International Education Office to apply. It is never too early to start planning!