Office of Multicultural Programs

In an effort to promote the mission statement and the priority of the college, the Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) welcomes and supports diversity and inclusiveness for all members of our community. The OMP seeks to assist in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of ALANA (African-American, Latino, Asian and Native American) students. Further, we strive to have all students experience the intrinsic benefits of living and learning in a diverse community.

Our goals

  • Work closely with admissions to co-sponsor recruitment and yield programs for under-represented students.
  • Increase retention and success of ALANA students.
  • Advocate for ALANA students on campus including providing opportunities for academic, professional, and leadership development.
  • Develop new programs and assist existing programs that identify, address, and support the needs of those students that may be less academically prepared due to their lack of access to quality pre-college education.
  • Develop and implement educational, cultural, and social programs for students.
  • Provide programming and opportunities that explore diversity in the arts.
  • Create an open and welcoming community for all.