MassArt January 2015 Transfer Orientation

Welcome to MassArt!
Our Transfer Orientation program for students beginning in the spring 2015 semester will occur on Friday, January 16th 2015.

For more information on the Transfer Orientation Program, click here.


Orientation Mission:
The Office of Transition and Leadership Programs facilitates the transition of new students into the institution and initiates their integration into MassArt's academic, social and artistic community.

The Orientation staff is very excited to have you join our community.  This site will be updated throughout the summer with information regarding move-in and Orientation for students and families.


Goals of Orientation Program: 

1.     To assist students in understanding the academic expectations and responsibilities of joining the MassArt community

2.     To aid students in the identification of campus resources that will support their needs as a student at MassArt 

3.     To provide students with information about the co-curricular opportunities they can take advantage of 

4.     To create an Orientation schedule that maximizes student learning and retention of information


One way in which the Office of Transition and Leadership Programs contributes to the divisional and college missions is by offering a four day New Student Orientation program to assist incoming students with their transition to the institution and to educate them about their roles and responsibilities as a MassArt student.  

Orientation is a required program for all new students entering the institution and provides session for new students to get to know their classmates as well as upperclass student leaders who provide oversight and guidance.  New students have the opportunity to meet the Studio Foundation faculty, discuss their class schedules, learn the layout of the campus, explore the city of Boston and attend sessions from departments such as IT, Public Safety, Student Development, Counseling and Wellness and the Academic Advising Office.  It is the goal of the Orientation program that students feel comfortable on campus and have an understanding of what their classes and life will be like at the collegiate level.


Orientation Learning Outcomes

1)     As a result of attending the 4 day New Student Orientation program in August/September, students will be able to state three expectations of the Studio Foundation faculty.

2)     Students will be able to identify one resource that can assist them with academic difficulties.

3)     Students will be able to identify three resources that can help them to be successful in their first year at MassArt.

4)     Students will be able to identify three ways in which they can become involved in the community outside of the classroom.


Want more info?

If you have any questions, please contact or call (617) 879-7723.