Student Handbook



The Student Handbook provides important information for undergraduate students. Each undergraduate is responsible for reading and understanding the rules and regulations of the College also presented in these pages. Students are subject to College rules and regulations as soon as they arrive on campus.

While the Handbook describes the College's formal rules and regulations, it serves a much broader purpose for all of us. It outlines the overall standards that we consider crucial to our existence as an academic community. For example, the first few pages of the Handbook describe our mission, our values, and our commitment to freedom of expression. These statements will give you a sense of the values and beliefs that shape and inform campus life. Please take the time to read them and to consider the importance that we place on respectful discourse, honesty, trust, fairness, and responsibility.

Although we believe this book to be accurate as of the date of publication, changes will undoubtedly occur. Various committees and administrators of the College having responsibility for the areas covered by the Handbook reserve the right to make changes in College regulations, policies, procedures, and other matters as may from time to time be deemed appropriate. Students will receive or have access to information on any such changes via notices from the appropriate office.

MassArt students wishing further information concerning matters dealt within this Handbook should contact the Director of Student Activities and Programs Office.

Elizabeth DiCicco
Director, Student Activities and Programs