Library Workshops

The library has a very active instruction program. Faculty are invited to schedule one or more of our sessions for their classes. These generally last an hour and take place in the computer lab on the 13th floor although many can also be held in your classroom. We offer a wide range of session types.

Research Workshop. In this session, students hone their research skills and discover sources beyond Google and Wikipedia. They also learn techniques for developing a research topic and for evaluating information. Workshops are typically a blend of presentation by the librarian and hands-on work by students. They are most useful when students have a specific research project they are working on.

WordPress. MassArt provides an enhanced version of WordPress to its community at Students, faculty, and staff can use this service to build course sites, blogs, e-portfolios and more. This session provides students with an overview of how to set up and manage a WordPress site.

Artists' Books. In this hands-on workshop, students are presented with selections from the library's diverse collection of artists' books. Included are examples by Robert Rauschenberg, Sol LeWitt, Ai Weiwei, Julie Chen, and Ed Ruscha. Students learn about design, concept, and book construction processes.

Photo Books. Students view rare photography books and portfolios from the library's special collections including works representing the art of George Tice, Paul Stand, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sophie Calle, and William Eggleston.

Color Theory. Students are shown 100-year-old color devices illustrating the ideas of Albert Munsell, former MassArt faculty member, who is sometimes regarded as the founder of modern color science. They also view original silkscreen plates from Josef Albers' Interaction of Color. These plates illustrate Albers' argument that color is relative: the character of a color is determined by its environment as well as by its own properties. They also possess a vibrancy not seen in republications of Albers' work or even in the new Albers iPad app.

Graphic Novels. Students participate in a presentation on MassArt's developing collection of comics and graphic novels. They learn about the history of the art form, consider issues of style and narrative, while looking at a broad range of selections.

Taking Pictures. A workshop that deals with the ethics and legality of appropriating art. Students learn about copyright, fair use, Creative Commons licensing, and ethical norms within the art world while examining real-world cases of appropriation

To request a class

Fill out our web-based request form to arrange for a class or series of classes. You can also contact Greg directly at