Canon ir 3025/3045

Canon imageRUNNER 3025 & 3045 TUTORIAL
This tutorial will help familiarize you with the basic features of your office's ImageRunner all-in-one copy machine.
Sending a Fax:
Note: When sending a fax using the feeder, place the original with the side to be faxed face up, and adjust the slide guides to fit the size of the original. Place the original as far into the feeder as it will go. When scanning a document to fax, orient the original in the top left corner of the platen glass.
1: Find the copier's screen. Press the "Fax" button from the menu at the top.
2: Under the Fax menu, press the "Fax" button. (Yes, there is another fax button)
3:Enter the number of the fax you wish to send to using the keypad. If you wish to send your fax to multiple recipients, press the "Next" button to enter additional fax numbers. When you are finished, press "OK"
Note: For recipients with fax machines inside the MassArt phone network be sure
to type a "9" before the number.
4: To adjust the Scan Settings, press the drop-down list under the "Scan Settings" meter, then press "Options". Adjust your scan settings as necessary, then press "OK"
5: To send the fax, press the "Start" key on the keypad. You can cancel the fax at any time during the scan by pressing the "Stop" button on the keypad, or the "Cancel" button on the on-screen job menu.
Sending a Fax from your Computer:
You can use the Canon ImageRunner 3025 to relay a document to a fax machine. This is very similar to normal printing.
1: Open the document you wish to fax, and select File > Print from the menu bar.

2: Under the Print window, select "Canon iR3025 (FAX)" inthe Printer Name pulldown menu, then click "OK"

3: The Fax Sending Settings window will appear. Type the name of the intended recipient(s) and the fax number in the respective fields, then click on "Add to Recipient List"
Note: For recipients with fax machines inside the MassArt phone network be sure
to type a "9" before the number .

In this example we are sending a fax to the Human Resources office's fax machine.
You can establish an address book to keep track of your contact's fax numbers. After specifying a recipient and their fax number, click on "Add to Address Book" to create a listing for your contact. The "Edit Address Book"tab will allow you to add further data to your contact listings.
For multiple recipients, simply specify a new recipient name and fax number, and then click on "Add to Recipient List" as many times as is necessary. You can use the "Address Book" button to populate the recipient list as well.
4: When you are satisfied with your list of intended recipients, click "OK". The Canon ImageRunner 3025 will then relay the fax to the number(s) you've specified.
Note: This guide is based on the Microsoft Office Document Scanning tool, however you may use any third party scanning utility you have access to to scan from using the Canon ImageRunner 3025. For these programs, refer to their respective manuals for scanning instructions.
1: Goto the Canon ImageRunner 3025. On the touch screen, press the arrow button located in the top right corner of the screen. This should bring you to the "Scan" menu.

2: Press the "Online" button. This prepares the Canon ImageRunner 3025 for scanning. Go back to your computer.
3: From the taskbar, select Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office Document Scanning.

4: The Scan New Document tool appears. Click the "Scanner..." button.

5: Make sure that "Network Scangear Ver. 2.01" is selected in the Scanner pulldown menu under the Choose Scanner window, then click "OK". If you are using the copier's document feeder, make sure to check the "Use automatic document feeder" option.

6: Back in the Scan New Document tool, click "Scan". The Canon ImageRunner 3025 will scan your document as a .tif file, and you will be presented with a preview of your document.

7:If you are using the Microsoft Office Document Scanning tool, and you've just scanned a text document, you may at this point transfer that text into a Microsoft Word document. From the preview window, highlight the text and right click.
8: From the popup menu that appears, select "Send Text To Word". This opens Microsoft Word and loads the scanned text into a blank document for your use.

9: When you are satisfied with your image scan, go to File > Save in the options menu to save your document and finish.